Traps of the Romanian Language!

Traps of the Romanian Language

The Romanian language is a Romance language that is currently spoken by around 30 million people around the world, most of which are located in Romania. Though it is not exactly the easiest language to teach due to its complex grammar structures and rich vocabulary, one may enjoy the challenge.

Although the Romanian language could hardly be seen as a tricky language however, any trained speaker cannot possibly ignore the range of traps it can set both in terms of expression and orthography.

In terms of grammar use for instance, any elementary Romanian learner can think twice before writing the auxiliary form [va] as there can always be two situations. If talking about a future activity, we will always deal with the non-hyphenated formvalike inva fi(it will be). On the other hand, if we consider a past activity, there we will have the hyphenated formv-alike inv-a dat(he/she gave you) to give but an example.

Speaking of the Romanian vocabulary on the other hand, we can say that special attention should be given to words similar to another in sound, to the paronyms, that is. We all can imagine the funny to grotesque moments that they can bring about. Just think of the young woman who was one day looking for “ATLAZ(satin) to the dressmaker just to be sent by the latter to a library. Little did the hairdresser know that there was no way her customer could find in a library “ATLAZ”, butATLAS(a book or bound collection of maps). And the list of examples can go on.

Therefore rest assured that your struggle to become a proficient Romanian speaker will also take you on a journey of fascinating discoveries.


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