7 Reasons for Learning Romanian

7 Reasons for Learning Romanian

The Romanian language is currently spoken as a native and second language by almost 30 million people around the world. And there is a growing tendency for people from most various geographical areas and cultural backgrounds to take an interest in discovering for themselves the structure of this most complex Romance language.

Reason #1: Speaking Romanian can boost your business

If you are planning to get known or get your products be known in Eastern Europe, learning some Romanian would be really helpful.

Reason #2: Speaking Romanian can open lots of doors in the academic world

Romania currently receives numbers of foreign students in its prestigious universities, business and medical schools.

Reason #3: Speaking Romanian can be a great asset to your Resume

Knowing a rare language in a European/Asia, etc area can make a huge difference for a strict recruiter of a multinational company worldwide.

Reason #4: Speaking Romanian can be an inspiring cultural experience

Being able to listen to the most original folk tales as told by the Romanian people and getting to understand their origins, lifestyle and most famous traditions accounts for a fascinating journey of self-discovery.

Reason #5: Speaking Romanian can be an enriching experience for tourism purposes

Romania in particular stands as a famous Eastern European tourist destination for numerous foreign visitors a year especially for its mountain resorts of breathtaking landscapes.

Reason #6: Learning Romanian can be a challenging linguistic experience

Being able to achieve even an intermediate level of Romanian as a foreign student definitely helps you to better understand and grasp any other Romance language.

Reason #7: Understanding Romanian can offer you a thrilling literary experience

Being able to enjoy great literary masterpieces as written by their original authors is definitely worth it for any culture vulture.

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