Top 10 Most Challenging Things to Grasp When Learning Romanian

While the Romanian language is largely considered to be easy to grasp in terms of conversation practice, it is nevertheless estimated to be quite a difficult system when considering its complex structure. The next 10 grammar topics seem arguably on top.

#1 Specific characters

Special attention should be paid to the specific characters “ă”; “î”, “â”, “ş”, and “ţ”.

#2 Ce, ci, ge, gi, che, chi, ghe, ghi Groups

It should be noted that such groups can be practiced in word pairs for the purposes of clearly distinguishing the exceptional difference in pronunciation.

#3 Subject and Verb agreement

Given the various inflections of its verbal system, the subject and verb agreement can be a great challenge for learners with various languages backgrounds.

#4 Definite and indefinite articles

While the Indefinite Article stands as an independent unit that always precedes the noun, the Definite Article stands as an ending to words, that is added according to certain rules.

#5 Grammatical Cases

In Romanian, one can speak of the following cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, each with its specific particularities.

#6 The three genders

Special attention should be paid to the neuter gender whose nouns act as masculine in the singular and as feminine in the plural.

#7 The three voices

The active, the passive and the reflexive voices present each its special rules.

#8 The verbal moods

Romanian accounts for 9 verbal moods, either personal or non-personal, with tenses of their own.

#9 Alphabet

Never estimate the Romanian alphabet with its total of 31 characters, out of which 5 characters are formed using diacritical signs.

#10 Pronunciation

It should be noted that Romanian words are spelled the same way they are written, since we deal with a phonemic orthography, i.e.

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