thus, therefore, hence

In vorbirea curenta aceste cuvinte pot fi inlocuite usor cu “so” sau in combinatie cu “and”:

“He has both a good job and a good team, and therefore / consequently / thus / hence, he is reluctant to think about coming back.”

Hence’ si ‘thus’ (dar nu si ‘therefore’) pot fi urmate de un substantiv (si nu de o propozitie) caz in care vin de regula dupa virgula (mai ales ‘hence’ e folosit asa); intelesul este cam acealasi ‘as a result of this’.

“He enjoys his job and his team is good, hence / thus his reluctance to think of coming back.”.

Thus’ poate fi inlocuit si cu

– ‘in this/that way’ – raspunde la intrebarea ‘HOW’ – si arata maniera in care ceva se intampla;

Eg. ” Traditionally, you decorate the tree thus = Traditionally, this is how you decorate the tree

– ‘thereby’ (caz in care este urmat de verb + ing)

Eg.“He has been given a large bonus, thus / thereby enabling him to buy a new car”.

Therefore’ – ‘for this reason’ sau ‘because of this or that’ -raspunde la intrebarea -WHY – de ce ceva se intampla

“He enjoys his free time; therefore , he is reluctant to think about working more hours.”

Hence’ -‘from here’ – raspunde la intrebarea WHERE – pozitia sau punctul de plecare in timp; de unde sau de ce se intampla ceva

Eg ” She got a new job – hence her good moods”.

In engleza zilelor noastre apare insa mai ales cu intelesul “from now” in special in expresii cum ar fi “Ten years hence”.



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