Romanian course for foreigners

Romanian language for foreigners

learn romanian Crystal Mind helps you learn better Romanian by using a dynamic method that places great emphasis on both verbal and written expression while ensuring a solid base in grammar and pronunciation.

Having English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Greek or Turkish as interface the Romanian Language tuition is designed for:
  • expatriates living in Romania;
  • students studying within Romanian universities;
  • diplomats;
  • persons who marry Romanian citizens;
  • everybody who has a particular interest in Romanian language, culture, civilization and habits.

To add value to the language courses Crystal Mind provides you the following opportunities:
  • to efficiently deal with day by day or professional situations in the Romanian language (each lesson is aimed to be a a mixture of grammar, vocabulary, exercises, conversation and listening);
  • to benefit from the experience of high qualified and skilled trainers, who have been certified in Romania and abroad. They will help you not only cope with Romanian words, phrases or grammar tips but with Romanian culture and habits, too;
  • to take advantage of the flexible timetable in order to take the courses within our premises or at your premises, being that your workplace or your residence;
  • timetable and frequency of the courses are tailored and customized to fit your needs;

More information about the Romanian language

  • Course Type
  • Language
  • Course module length
  • one-to-one or dedicated groups for companies at our headquarters or at the beneficiary's.
  • general/business/specialized (medical/technical etc).
  • (42 hours of 50 minutes each); on request the module can have more or less hours (but no less than 10).

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